Coding for the Future of Albanian Youth

Please help the GAF fundraise to give Albanian kids the chance to learn coding through Code for Albania!

In the last five years in Albania, more than twenty organizations address the lack of entrepreneurial culture.

The alphaPlan organization appreciates the need for a change of attitude and mentality.

The Global Albanians Foundation has partnered with Code for Albania to give Albanian kids the chance to learn coding through this outstanding program. According to alphaPlan and the Code for Albania program, youth are the main target for this to change. The core age groups are 15 to 18 years old.

Each class in this program will consist of 30 participants, thus maintaining the ratio of 1/3, 1 instructor to 3 students.

Main activities:

  • Two-week summer camp with instructors from Stanford University
  • Classes once a month during the school year with local instructors
  • Information session with experts from the Albanian Diaspora in the field of technology and entrepreneurship

The result we want to achieve:

alphaPlan offers contemporary practices from Silicon Valley and, thus, we strive to increase the leaders of the future in Albania.

 “Code for Albania” has already exposed to coding more than 1000 kids, and trained extensively more than 200 kids, but they want to do more! 

Please help us make Code for Albania sustainable and enable the tech-hungry youth in Albania to be an active part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. #100ThousandCodersForAlbania

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