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Global Albanians Foundation (GAF)

Earthquake Relief Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can apply?

    Only registered civil society organizations (NGOs) in Albania are invited to apply to this call.

  2. When is the application deadline?

    Applications for project grants can only be made online at this link until 14 February at 23:59 (GMT + 1).

  3. What is the project budget?

    The grant amount can range from $5,000 to $10,000. Applicants are encouraged to present effective and realistic budgets in relation to the project presented.

  4. What is the duration of the grants?

    The GAF does not set project deadlines. However, the duration of a project should not exceed 6 months and should be in line with the purpose and expected results.

  5. Can businesses apply to the GAF?

    Businesses cannot apply for these grants, but NGOs may have a business as an implementing partner.

  6. Who can apply for project grants?

    Civil society organizations.  Civic movements and other organizations must partner with a civil society organization if they wish to apply.

  7. Are other forms of project proposal or budget accepted other than the GAF application forms?

    No, you must fill out the GAF online form for this call.

  8. Is it necessary to provide a registration certificate as an NGO? 

    Yes, registered NGOs must attach the registration certificate as NGOs.

  9. What additional documents should be submitted when applying?

    Registered NGOs will need to attach a legal document of the statute of the organization.

  10. Is co-financing from own funds or any other donor accepted?

    Co-financing by the applicant’s own funding or any other donor is not mandatory, but is accepted and encouraged by the GAF. There is no set percentage or value for co-financing of other parties as long as the funds required from the GAF do not exceed the limit in paragraph 3.

  11. Will the GAF finance labor and overhead costs? 

    The GAF can finance these costs, but the applicant should understand that proposals from organizations which will fund their own overhead and labor costs will have a much greater chance of being approved.  The GAF prefers to finance projects and not overhead and labor costs.

  12. Can we make multiple applications at the same time?

    Interested parties can apply for more than one project idea. But they cannot be the recipients of two grants in excess of the total budget under paragraph 3.

  13. Who evaluates the applications?

    Applications will be evaluated by a 5-member Albanian Earthquake Committee created by the GAF that is based in Albania, and then approved by a Review Board based in the Diaspora which is overseen by the Global Albanians Foundation Board of Directors.

  14. Will we be notified of the final decision?

    Applicants will be individually informed about the board’s decision. The list of grantees will also be announced on the GAF website on March 2.

  15. Will organizations receiving grants need to sign a contract?

    Yes, all organizations will be required to sign a legal contract that includes reporting requirements before any money can be disbursed.

  16. Contact?

    [email protected]