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June 11, 2021

GERMIN Launches ShqipShop: Handcrafted Products from Albanian Artisans Online

GERMIN has launched a new platform called ShqipShop that brings together artisanal crafts and patriotic home-goods sourced from producers around Albania and Kosovo.

ShqipShop provides our large Albanian Diaspora with the opportunity to buy traditional Albanian handicraft products no matter where they live; and gives Albanian artisans the chance to reach a wider market to sell their products, thus increasing their revenues and providing them with more opportunities to develop their skills. Shqip Shop aims to serve as a platform that provides space and access especially for local artisans – those who do not have visibility and access to online markets to promote their carefully handcrafted, authentic highly valuable products. 

Your purchases on Shqip Shop will show your love for your people, as the money you spend will provide income for small producers and further development of their skills. This support is particularly critical given the negative economic impact of COVID-19 over the past year.

Among the products listed in ShqipShop you can find folk costumes, traditional instruments, art and home goods, books, etc. For those of you who want to know more and get acquainted with the creators behind these special products, please visit shqipshop.org/pages/meet-the-aritisans and read the stories of all of the artisans.

Through Shqip Shop you are one step closer to the homeland.