Institute of Romani Culture in Albania (IRCA)
Support for Roma Children in Durres

The earthquake of 2019 and the Covid-19 pandemic have been extremely challenging for all Albanians, but especially for the 40% of Roma families in and around Durres whose livelihood is based on the collection of recyclable waste.

What chance do the children of these families have to attend kindergarten or school when their economic conditions are so desperate?

During the last two years IRCA has been working in Durres with the Multifunctional Community Center of Nishtulla, to empower and support 100 vulnerable families through education, counseling and employment.

One in every 8 children in the kindergarten at public elementary school in Nishtulla is malnourished and does not have basic educational and sanitary materials.The Multifunctional Community Center is trying to address this problem and currently has 18 vulnerable children that attend their daily kindergarten.

Our goal is to make sure each and every Roma child in Durres who lacks food, school and sanitary materials is provided with them, free of charge. We would like to support at least 100 Roma children in this June fundraising campaign since without addressing these basic needs their hopes for a better education will suffer.

Take the step now, donate for supporting education equity and a better future for marginalized Roma children

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