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Multicultural and Integrated Religious Albania (MIRA): Shelter and Health Care for Children in Three Villages

September 2, 2020


Amount Raised






– NGO Partner: Multicultural and Integrated Religious Albania (MIRA)
– Theme: Health, Education, Earthquake Relief
– Location: Rushkull, Sukth
– Date: Summer/Fall 2020
– Amount Raised: $8,597
– Partners: Local Municipalities

– Description: Through this initiative we provided: (i) containers for 2 families which served as temporary housing for these two families displaced by the earthquake; (ii) food packages for 20 local families in need; and (iii) trainings for the 20 local families to deal with emotional trauma in their families due to the earthquake. The project also included a summer camp for 50 children from these families together with the volunteers who helped their families.

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