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One Thousand Books for Five Rural Schools in Shkodra

May 31, 2021


Amount Raised






– NGO Partner: Hope for the Future
– Theme: Education/Youth
– Location: Shkodra, Albania
– Date: June 2021
– Amount Raised: $3,111
– Additional Donations: $1,000 from EasyPay Albania
– Partners: Five local schools

– Description: Education is the foundation of the economic and social development of any community, and language and literature are the cornerstones of this foundation. However, education reform in Albania has created many difficulties and challenges — especially in rural areas. For this reason, Hope for the Future in Shkodra collaborates with rural schools that have been most impacted by education reform. With support from the GAF, Hope for the Future was able to: (i) select the best books for children in collaboration with school teachers; (ii) purchase 1000 books for 5 rural elementary schools near Shkodra, and (iii) give 1600 students the chance to expand their world through reading.

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