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Online Education For Children in Elbasan Affected by Domestic Violence

June 2, 2021


Amount Raised






– NGO Partner: Women’s Forum Elbasan (WFE)
– Theme: Education/Youth
– Location: Elbasan, Albania
– Date: June 2021
– Amount Raised: $3,031
– Additional Donations: Corporate Donations from Dua.com, A&A Group, Adriatik Hotel

– Description: The Women’s Forum Elbasan (WFE) has been working for 30 years to protect the rights of survivors of domestic violence, and took up a new initiative to increase access to online education for the children of women who have survived violence and lack computers and internet access. With the support of the Global Albanians Foundation, Women’s Forum Elbasan: (i) Identified families and children from vulnerable groups who were most in need for online learning support;; (ii) Purchased and distributed 10 computers and internet service for 1 year for 15 families to enable access to online classes and educational programs for children; and (iii) Worked together with the families and children to ensure that the computers were properly used to maximize their educational benefit.

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