“Speak! Protect! Believe! Report!” – a project supported by GAF and implemented by YWCA of Albania

“Speak! Protect! Believe! Report!” – a project supported by GAF and implemented by YWCA of Albania

“Speak! Protect! Believe! Report!” – a project supported by GAF and implemented by YWCA of Albania

Supported by Global Albanians Foundation and implemented by YWCA of Albania, the Project “Speak! Protect! Believe! Report! The project was applied in Berat and Shkoder areas.

The main aim of the Project was to raise awareness of children, parents and teachers on the negative consequences of sexual abuse and manners of prevention.

The initiative was applied through the development of workshops with students, teachers, parents and psychosocial staff that have explored sensitive issues such as: child sexual abuse and harassment, myths and facts, prevention strategies, self-defense skills, the need for psychological support and information sharing. As part of the Project philosophy, materials for different age groups have been drafted and an intensive online campaign has been launched which has helped to raise awareness of a wider audience.

The Project was applied through:

  • Workshops with students, parents and teachers
  • Practical exercises
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Social media campaign

The direct beneficiaries:

  • The students
  • The parents
  • The teachers and psycho-social staff

The indirect beneficiaries:

  • The whole community, through information shared by direct beneficiaries
  • The community engaged on online media, through social media campaign


The main activities of the Project 

YWCA of Albania has developed six workshops with students. The objectives of the activities were as follows:

  • To raise awareness of children about sexual abuse
  • To introduce the ways of prevention of sexual abuse
  • To present the red flags about sexual abuse
  • To increase the capacities and resilience of children

The workshops were developed through practical exercises and theoretical information.

Workshops with parents

YWCA has held two workshops with parents that aimed:

  • To engage parents on an open discussion about sexual abuse
  • To explain the concept of sexual abuse
  • To introduce the signs of abused children
  • To raise awareness about the importance of sexual abuse prevention


Workshops with teachers

YWCA has held two workshops were developed with teachers in Berat and Shkodra.

The workshops have elaborated:

  • The myths about sexual abuse of children
  • The appropriate age to discuss about sexuality
  • The risk factors related to abuse
  • The signs of abused children
  • The strategies of prevention

Social media campaign

During the campaign YWCA of Albania:

  • Has shared posts with important information about sexual abuse
  • Has advocated for this sensitive issue
  • Has challenged myths about sexual abuse

The results achieved:

  • 120 children trained about the phenomenon of sexual abuse
  • 40 parents trained on sexual abuse
  • 33 teachers trained
  • Awareness raised of direct and indirect beneficiaries about sexual abuse
  • Social media campaign developed
  • Information shared and awareness raised for whole community
  • Myths about sexual abuse challenged