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Stop Deforestation in Kosova

June 20, 2022


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Sustainability Leadership Kosova (SLK) is a Kosovo based NGO specialized in the delivery of sustainability knowledge through educational programs, consultancy, and movement building. Their vision is to make Kosova a global example of a society that is sustainable, healthy, fair, and prosperous and over the past two years, through a partnership with Correlaid Netherlands and Kosovo Institute for GIS they have analyzed the state of the forest for the past two decades.

Did you know that Kosova loses more than 1 hectare of forest per day?

As part of its deforestation work, SLK has created a movement called #MoseMerrMalin with the aim to increase the awareness of the problem of deforestation and its long term impact on ecosystems, biodiversity and people’s livelihoods. Through their research, data science, and satellite imagery, SLK has visualized the deforestation problem in the region of Kosovo. In this interactive map you will be able to see a timelapse of forest loss of 7,618 Hectares over the last two decades – or the equivalent of 14,236 football stadiums. If we continue with the current trend by 2035 Kosovo will not have any healthy forests left.

It is time to act as if we can’t breathe tomorrow!

SLK needs your help to continue with its #MoseMerrMalin movement, and to develop a specific workstation which will process the data collected through satellite images.

The workstation includes two equipments:

  • 34 Curved Monitor – S3422DWG: 34” curved WQHD monitor with VESA Display HDR 400, a 144Hz refresh rate. Such a screen with the required size and specifications helps us to have a wider view during the analysis of damaged forest areas. This type of screen has the ability to be divided into two parts and gives us the opportunity in real time to compare data for certain years, for example 2020 with those of the current year. Price: 450 Euros
  • XPS Desktop: 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900 (30 MB cache, 16 cores, 20 threads, 2.40 GHz to 5.10 GHz Turbo. These specifications of processing of the data coming from satellites such as Landsat 8.9 and Sentinel 1.2, combined with the data coming from the Drone. All combined requires powerful processing and takes time to get results so we need to have a workstation with the ability to process this information. Price: 3,200 Euros

Through your donations you will help protect Kosova’s lungs and its children’s future.

Thank you!
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