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The Municipality of Kucova: Reconstructing Housing for Families in Need

February 2, 2021


Amount Raised






– NGO Partner: N/A
– Theme: Housing, Earthquake Relief
– Location: Kucova
– Date: Winter/Spring 2021
– Amount Raised: $17,092
– Partners: Municipality of Kucova

– Description: The Municipality of Kucova, in collaboration with GAF, was able to reconstruct an entire building previously unused by the Municipality and in need of extensive renovation. Two low-income families now live in this building. The building is expected to permanently house families in need in Kucova on a rotating basis at the discretion of the municipality. The main work included demolition, laying of concrete, repairing the roof and foundation, waterproofing, insulation, plastering, and cleaning and transport of waste to landfills.

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