Women’s Forum Elbasan
Computers and Internet Access for Vulnerable Children

Donate for equal opportunities in education for the children of female  survivors of violence in the Elbasan Region.

For children coming from economically disadvantaged families with mothers who have suffered from violence, the lack of computers, smartphones, and/or internet access has made it twice as difficult to attend online learning.

The Women’s Forum Elbasan (WFE) has been working for 30 years with a specific emphasis on protecting the rights of survivors of violence.   We focus on helping marginalized groups such as disabled women, women from the Roma and Egyptian communities, and women and girls who have been victims of sex  trafficking.

The Women’s Forum Elbasan has now taken up a new initiative to increase access to education for the children of women who have survived violence throughout the Elbasan Region.

What will we do?

  • Identify families and children from vulnerable groups who are most in need for online learning support;
  • Purchase and distribute 15 computers and internet service for 1 year for 15 families to enable access to online classes and educational programs for children;
  • Work together with the families and children to ensure that the computers are properly used to maximize their educational benefit

If you have any questions you may write to us by email at [email protected]  or on Facebook 

Link to the organisation: http://www.forumigruaselbasan.org/