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World Vision Albania: House Reconstruction for 5 Families in Kurbin

May 2, 2020


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– NGO Partner: World Vision Albania
– Theme: Housing, Earthquake Relief
– Location: Kurbin
– Date: Spring/Summer 2020
– Amount Raised: $10,000
– Partners: Municipality of Kurbin

– Description: World Vision Albania in collaboration with Global Albanian Foundation supported housing reconstruction for 5 families in the Kurbin area, which was among the most affected areas by the earthquake in 2019. The families were selected based on: (i) low income families with no family member employed and a large number of children; (ii) families with members with disabilities; (iii) families that had not received any other support from the reconstruction grants of government; and (iv) houses with the highest level of damage according to technical experts. Each family received approximately $2,000 in assistance.

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