YWCA of Albania
Helping Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most painful and frightening experiences that a child can endure.

The consequences include mental health problems, poor academic performance, physical illnesses, poor social relationships, problems with self-esteem, and feelings of insecurity.

In Albania, due to gender norms and cultural taboos, sexual abuse is an experience that occurs frequently but remains unreported. The stigmatization of victims of sexual abuse makes professionals, parents, and children hesitate to report it.

For this reason, YWCA of Albania in collaboration with GAF is seeking support and donations to work at schools in order to raise awareness and prevent sexual abuse. 

The project will include:

  • Workshops with students, teachers, parents and psychosocial staff to discuss myths and facts related to child sexual abuse and harassment,
  • Teaching prevention strategies and self defense skills to children and youth
  • Providing psychological support to victims of sexual violence
  • Preparing reading materials for different age groups in parallel with an intensive online campaign to raise awareness

The contribution of each of you is important! Be a powerful voice! Make a difference! Support every child’s smile!

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Link to the organisation:http://www.ywca-albania.al/